Alcohol beverage licensinG

South Carolina alcohol beverage licensing (“ABL”) laws and regulations can be very confusing. Often times, different laws have to be read together in order to truly understand the licensure requirements.

Do you know who all of your principals are? Have you met all of the restaurant or nonprofit requirements? Would you be best suited as a brewpub or brewery? Are you facing the suspension or revocation of your alcohol license?

With six years of prior ABL experience at the South Carolina Department of Revenue, our Associate Attorney Lauren is ready to assist you in navigating SC ABL laws. From obtaining a retailer’s, wholesaler’s, or manufacturer’s license to defending a violation of the alcohol laws, the team at Chillico & Associates is here to help!

Examples of Issues We handle

  • Matters Related to Applications, such as:

    • Business Formation

    • Lease Negotiation

    • Reviewing Concepts for Compliance

  • Defense of Alcohol Law Violations, such as:

    • Sale to Minor

    • Sale During Restricted Hours

    • Criminal Acts

    • Failure to Maintain License Requirements

  • Help with the Application Process for:

    • On-Premises Beer and Wine Permit

    • Off-Premises Beer and Wine Permit

    • Brewpub Permit

    • Brewery Permit

    • Liquor by the Drink License

    • Retail Liquor Store License

    • Micro-distillery License

    • Beer, Wine, or Liquor Wholesaler Permits


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